Dr. Mohammad Abdullah

A well-established Researcher & Shariah Scholar with a Blend of Academic and Professional Experience and Expertise in the Field of Islamic Financial Engineering, Shariah Advisory & Review, Sukuk Structuring, Innovative Waqf Modelling and Islamic Social Finance.

Academic Reviewer for:
* Policy Research Papers (for IRTI/IDB)
* International Journal of Social Economics
* International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy
* International Journal of Islamic & Middle Eastern Finance & Management
* Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research

Presented a number of research papers on different aspects of Islamic banking and finance in different American, European and Asian countries including Germany, Norway, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, UK, Trinidad & Tobago, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Dubai along with publishing several academic papers in reputed international journals and book chapters.

Recipient of full IDB Sponsorship for Doctoral Research at University of Gloucestershire, United Kingdom. Holding Masters in Islamic Finance and Management (with distinction) From University of Gloucestershire, UK.

Degree of Aalimiyah (Bachelor in Shariah & Islamic Sciences).

Areas of Interest:
* Shariah Review and Advisory
* Islamic Financial Engineering
* Sukuk Structuring
* Fiqh al-Awqaf
* Innovative Waqf Models
* Takaful and Re-Takaful

Dr. Mohammad Abdullah