Definition : Heritage Tourism



Heritage tourism is a branch of tourism oriented towards cultural heritage aspects of the locations. It is about restoring and conserving structures such as monuments, forts, objects, historic architecture and other inherited tradition paraphilias / sites.  Heritage tourism seeks to educate and inform travelers about past traditions from a given culture. Heritage sites are meaningful sources of identity and inspiration for communities around the world. 


 Top World Heritage Sites

Machu Picchu, Peru

This ancient city of Incas, built on mountainous terrain high above the Urubamba River, Machu Picchu stunning archeological site in the world. 

Machu Pichu
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Bagan, Myanmar

The largest concentration of Buddhist temples in the world, stretch endlessly across the landscape at Bagan. 

Temples in Sunseet
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Roman Colosseum, Italy

The Roman Colosseum is the largest building remaining from Roman times. A testament to the incredible history of the city and the achievements of the Roman Empire.

Ruined Ancient Architecture
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Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

An iconic site in the world, the Pyramids of Giza, outside Cairo in the barren desert landscape. Known as the sole  surviving monument of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Camel and Pyramids
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Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China is undeniable bucket list sites with massive wall, connecting battlements and watchtowers, built over the centuries, dating back to the 7th century BC.

By the Great Wall of China
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Petra, Jordan

A stone city with dwellings hewn into sandstone walls with narrow rock gorge as the ancient city of Petra. 

By the Great Wall of China
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