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General FAQ/ Help

1. Why does iPORTAL exist?

We are embarking this journey to connects ambition to knowledge across the globe for all users who has the interest in understanding the Holistic Ecosystem of the Islamic Economy.

2. Is iPORTAL only available across the Asia?

We are 100 percent digital, so the platform is made available around the globe not just Asia. We are connecting all the OICs starting with 12 countries for now and our target is to have a deeper presence in the remaining OICs countries globally within the next 3 years.

3. Who are iPORTAL visitors?

Mostly, Islamic subject matter academia/shariah scholars/experts/leaders, Financial Institutions, Regulators and government bodies, Marketers, bloggers, CEOs' / B2B professionals, Universities Professors, Students and the general public.

4. Who owns the copyright at iPORTAL?

Generally most of our content owns by the respective third parties providers. iPORTAL is a platform that showcase, display and distribute these copyrighted content. iPORTAL have no claim on any of the authors contents. iPORTAL is not a publisher nor is claiming to these third parties providers.

5. How frequent is the contents in iPORTAL are being updated?

The contents are refreshed frequently as at when we receive fresh and latest updates from the various third party providers.

6. Is iPORTAL on any social medias?

Yes, we are. You may connect with us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and our very own Youtube Channel.

7. Do I need to register on iPORTAL for access?

We encourage new users to register with iPORTAL to gain greater access to materials and resources.

8. How to register on iPORTAL?

On the registration page, just input your name, email ID and new password to get yourself registered.

9. Does the portal provide paid services?

Presently, the portal offer links to third party services wherein the User may need to pay directly to third-party entities. iPORTAL on its own does not charge anyone for its services at this point in time.

10. What all countries do iPORTAL cover?

iPORTAL presently has data from at least a dozen nations where the Islamic presence is robust in terms of population and presence.

11. What type of startups do iPORTAL cover?

iPORTAL covers social impact startups from the domains of fintech, agritech, pharmatech, edtech etc.

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