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World of Takaful

Welcome to the World Of Takaful

The iPORTAL is a leading voice on Takaful with global outreach, covering 35 countries and 217 Takaful companies currently.

The information is updated regularly as more companies and markets come up. Watch this space for new developments in the World Of Takaful.

Our aim is to provide comprehensive 360º information about Takaful globally for your greater understanding and awareness of what is happening in your own market and enable you to compare with what is happening in other markets around the world.

We highlight Takaful success stories and bring out the gaps that may be holding back the growth and development of Takaful. For example, the cooperative and ethical essence of Takaful must be “felt” by customers, but to what extent is this happening? What are the shareholders doing about it?

You are invited to contribute your thoughts, comments, suggestions and critical analysis for the improvement and enrichment of collective understanding in improving, strengthening, and developing sustainable Takaful offerings in your own market and around the world.


The Global Spread of Takaful:

The latest available sources on Takaful are the Stability Report 2020 of Islamic Financial Services Board and the Islamic Finance Development Report 2019 of ICD (Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector). Both reports provide different Takaful figures. We have carried out an in-depth search but have not been able to validate these numbers with the following differences:

The size of global Takaful market IFSB ICD iPORTAL
Number of countries 33 47 35
Number of companies 353 330+ 217

Our research shows that the differences are because of the market dynamics where some Takaful and Retakaful companies have ceased to operate or have merged with other companies, and some countries that declared their intent to enter Takaful are taking time to do so and are not yet fully operational in offering takaful.

Knowing Takaful:

The iPORTAL provides comprehensive Takaful knowledge base, from simple definitions and introductory understanding to more in-depth analysis of the areas of interest for researchers, scholars, trainers, entrepreneurs, practitioners and providers of Takaful. From knowing the social and economic fundamentals to cross-border comparisons, it enriches the collective learning of the potential for success and finding solutions to remove gaps and hurdles in promoting the true essence of ethical and cooperative nature of Takaful. Without that, there is no difference between Insurance and Takaful and all Takaful stakeholders must not just know it but feel it, to make that difference real.

Regulating Takaful:

Takaful is regulated firstly like insurance and secondly for its core Takaful principles. For this, it needs both the statutory regulatory compliance as well as Shariah-compliant. iPORTAL provides access to statutory Takaful Regulations wherever these exist.

Types of Takaful:

The iPORTAL highlights the type of products for different types of risks for individuals and businesses. It also highlights the types of risks that can be covered on a micro-level for people and small businesses to develop and grow. Not all these products however may be available in your market, but it enables you to seek support and clarification from Takaful providers in your own market about how your specific needs can be met.

Providers of Takaful:

The iPORTAL provides website links to Takaful companies in your market to find the right type of Takaful protection for your specific need directly from them. It also enables you to venture into other markets to see what is available and happening in these markets that might be of interest to you. You will also find links to licensed brokers (but not all markets have this facility) to get quotes directly from them for the risk you are seeking to be covered.

Difference in the number of Takaful operators:
Our research shows that there are Takaful operators who have either ceased to operate or have been involved in mergers and acquisitions activity. This is one of the main reasons for the difference.

The same applies to Retakaful operators. Partly it is due to some stand-alone Retakaful operators ceased their operations and partly there are conventional reinsurance companies with window Retakaful operations that are to be added to the iPORTAL data.

Difference in the number of countries offering Takaful:
The difference is likely to be due to some countries who had declared their intent to enter into Takaful have taken time to do so and are still not fully operational in offering Takaful.

The iPORTAL continuously reviews and researches the market and updates information regularly.

For Takaful critique, discussion, ideas, thoughts
For suggestions, corrections, new data, general comments

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