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Startup Pitch Competition Rules

Startup Pitch Competition Rules

1. Target Market & Duration

Open to Malaysian citizens and those studying in Malaysia with a valid visa. Deadline Submission:
31st March 2021

2. Key Objective & Benefit

iPORTAL is about contributing and celebrating entrepreneurship and Startup eco-system as one of the key drivers to the growth and diversification of the Islamic Digital economy. We challenged ourselves to build and launch, and now, we challenge students, young people and others with ideas or prototypes for the IDE to submit to iPORTAL. There are financial prizes, opportunity to have your Startup listed on iPORTAL, and potentially blog on the iPORTAL.

3. Participation

i. Register via e-Form:

(Note: Applicants to share post status of their registration through any (1) social media link. E.g."Our Startup just applied to iPORTAL 2021 Startup Pitch Competition@

ii. Submission of the proposal via email to:

iii. All applications must be submitted in the English language.

Startup Pitch Proposal with the following information:

a) Name of the project

b) Describe in greater detail (100 words) the summary of your Startup including code language.

c) Addressing the Pain Point (max. 400 characters)

  • How did you come up with this idea?
  • What is your experience, background and connection to the idea?
  • How did you verify your idea? Family? Friends? Customers?
  • What is innovative about what you are making?
  • What alternatives, if any, did customers have/use before your product to address their pain point?
  • Who are your competitors today?
  • What is your comparative advantage (insight you have that others have missed)?
  • What are the entry barriers for your competitors?
  • How are you or will you reach out your target base of customers? How big is the total addressable market (TAM)?
  • How will your Startup convert traffic into users who will purchase? How will you achieve critical mass of users? How will you retain them?

d) Expected Expenditures

  • How much money have you need to spent on your Startup idea/prototype?
  • i.__ 00RM
  • ii. ___100RM
  • iii. ___>300RM
  • What have you achieved with your spending? Please describe in min.250 characters.

e) Expected Revenue in Year 1

  • Revenue Amount: ____ <10,000 RM ___ >10,000 RM
  • Revenue paying clients: ____1-5___6-10___11-20___>20
  • Revenue paying client location(s): _____Malaysia ____outside Malaysia
  • Revenue broken down to percentage of: ____ On-line ___Off-line

4. Winners Selection

At the end of the selection process, 5 Startups will have the opportunity to present their Startup idea/prototype through a 3-minute speech and 3 minutes for FAQ. Winners will be assess on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Presentation and clarity of speech delivery;
  • Skills and knowledge of ideal Startup, feasibility of the project;
  • Business potential idea of the Product / Service;
  • Degree of innovation and defensibility;
  • Competitive context and positioning;
  • Market needs

5. Prizes

The finalist will be awarded by 1st RM2,000, 2nd RM 600, 3rd RM 400. #10 Startups will be selected to present their Startup idea/prototype and 5 finalist will be presenting their Startup Pitch on March 5th 2021 for the final selection of Top 3 Winner for Startup Pitch Competition. Top 3 winners will receives:

i) Monetary Cash Reward

ii) An invitation to 3x blog about their Startup idea/prototype

iii) Showcase their Startup idea/prototype on iPORTAL website for 3 months

iv) Opportunities to be linked to potential various network of investors and receive global exposure through media recognition.

Decisions made by iPORTAL Live are final. No correspondence will be entertain.

6. Privacy

iPORTAL reserves the right to contact the winners and any third parties present in the list of contacts.

7. Responsibilities

i. No liability can be accepted by iPORTAL for the awarding of prizes. Should the contest not be carried out as foreseen, iPORTAL reserves the right, at its complete discretion, to modify, deny entrance, rejects application or cancel it, without this resulting in any responsibility for iPORTAL. To participate in the competition, it is not necessary to purchase any products sold by iPORTAL or its partners. Participation is free of charge.

ii. Applicants agree that iPORTAL Live and any other party selected by iPORTAL Live may use any information submitted on applications without restrictions, and further agree that any information submitted may be shared with partnering or sponsoring organisations of iPORTAL Live.

iii. Applicants grant iPORTAL Live, their affiliates, and regional partners of competition the right to photograph, film, record, and capture applicants’ representatives, presentation material, and any other material of Applicants via any media format at any competition or any other events hosted by iPORTAL Live, and royalty-free right and license to use any such material in any form.

8. Applicable Regulations

i. This competition is regulated by the individual participating countries laws.

ii. Participation at competition is voluntary and applicants, attendees shall release iPORTAL Live, their affiliates, partners, sponsors, employees of these organisations, and volunteers from any and all claims, costs, expenses, suits, liabilities, losses, and damages.

9. Host

iPORTAL Live Sdn.Bhd initiated ‘Startup Pitch Competition’.

Address: Unit 18-3, Oval Damansara, Jalan Damansara TTDI, 60000 KL, Malaysia


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