STOCKS: TOP GLOVE CORP BERHAD 6.190 +0.010 (+0.2%) GFH FINANCIAL GROUP B.S.C. 0.65 +0.01 (+1.08%) ISLAMIC ARAB INSURANCE COMPANY 0.86 +0.01 (+1.18%) AL SALAM GROUP HOLDING 0.34 +0.01 (+4.35%) AMLAK FINANCE P.J.S.C 0.23 +0.00 (+1.30%)   

BONDS: Emirates Islamic Bank PJSC Sukuk 1.827% 2025 Saudi Electricity Sukuk 2.413% 2030 ANB Sukuk 3.326% 2030 Al Hilal Bank Sukuk 4.375% 2023 EXIM Malaysia Sukuk 3.00% 2022   


Malaysia Waqf Regulators


"Majlis (State Islamic Religious Council) of each state. SIRC acts as regulator and governing bodies that manage waqf in each state. Waqf Management Committee is established to manage waqf for its behalf."

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The establishment of this department is the starting point in the Federal Government's efforts to help develop the property of Muslims as a source of wealth and strength of the ummah in the future.

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Yayasan Waqaf Malaysia

Yayasan Waqaf Malaysia is a national waqf entity. It was officially established on 23 July 2008 under the Trustees [Incorporation] Act 1952 by the Department of Wakaf, Zakat and Hajj (JAWHAR).

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