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Established in 2018, GlobalSadaqah has been actively involved with managing and disbursing Islamic social finance funds across the charity ecosystem. As we delved deeper into the social activities of Islamic Economy, it became clear that there was a huge amount of Islamic charity being donated, yet the impact on the Muslim communities is so low in comparison and they remain the poorest and most needy globally. GlobalSadaqah was born with a mission to give a solution to this problem by being transparent in the usage of funds, impact tracking and timely updates.

Since its inception in 2018, GlobalSadaqah has been providing high-tech solutions for corporates, financial institutions, charitable organizations, and other government entities involved and are the nucleus of the Islamic Social Finance ecosystem, providing CSR, Zakat, and Purification Fund management services for Corporates as well as Wealth Management and Estate Planning Services for High-Net-Worth Individuals.

GlobalSadaqah is one of the first platforms in Malaysia to have established a reputable gateway which the donors can trust to take their money directly to those in need on the ground through our reputable and verified partners with a focus on maximizing direct impact and long term sustainability for the beneficiaries. GlobalSadaqah creates social impact by bringing together a multitude of stakeholders such as individual and institutional donors, corporates, international humanitarian and development agencies, religious authorities, and governments.

Activities of GlobalSadaqah

  • GlobalSadaqah is an award winning Islamic Social Finance platform that acts as a service provider and a CSR, Zakat and Waqf management platform for Corporates, Foundations, and High-Net-Worth individuals.  
  • GlobalSadaqah screens and connects verified NGOs and organisations in need of funds to interested parties willing to support their projects.
  • GlobalSadaqah will provide Wasiyyah services backed by Blockchain
  • GlobalSadaqah is working on facilitating a Qard Hasan loan program for SMEs and similar entities in collaboration with corporate partners and HNIs.
  • GlobalSadaqah offers Consultancy Services including Wealth Management for HNIs.
  • GlobalSadaqah brings together a multitude of stakeholders in the Islamic social finance sector including individual and institutional donors, corporates, international humanitarian and development agencies, religious authorities, and governments to create social impact.

Donors can donate via 11 different modes of payment including e-wallets like ApplePay, GooglePay, and even in digital gold and Bitcoin. The impact at a grass root level can also be seen through the updates provided on the platform.

Our emphasis on transparency and accountability has fostered trust and credibility among our donors to encourage repeat and continuous donations for our newer campaigns. We have begun our journey with success to be the go-to charity platform for corporates, charity organisations and e-wallet platforms across the globe. GlobalSadaqah’s expertise in crowdfunding coupled with our upcoming programs opens more doors for users to easily donate to charity.

GlobalSadaqah facilitates donations for digital gold as well as Bitcoin. Users looking to donate to campaigns via Bitcoin or even pay Zakat on their Bitcoin can do so on GlobalSadaqah.

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