How to Become a Restaurateur




4 Weeks

About the Course

This course will give you a set of necessary skills and know-how that restaurant entrepreneurs need to succeed. Knowing that many restaurants fail within the first year, you will learn what to do, what to avoid, and how a food and beverage operation’s menu impacts the need for the physical, human, and financial resources. You will also have an introduction to marketing for the food industry, where you will identify a range of marketing strategies.

If you are interested in gaining fundamental knowledge and skills to open your own food & beverage concept or improve the bottom line of your current business, we invite you take this Online Certificate Program: How to Become a Restaurateur.

Your Instructor

Delphine Blin-Genin

Business Planning and Marketing Lecturer at Cesar Ritz Colleges | Entrepreneur

True believer in multiple careers, Delphine is a Learning Consultant Specialist, and she joined The Swiss Education Group (SEG) 2 years ago to deliver Business Planning, Marketing and Ethics courses. As business consultant, and an ESCP Management School graduate, Delphine has a deep understanding of entrepreneurship. Thanks to her expertise in neurosciences and meta cognition, she brings an innovative and creative perspectives to César Ritz Colleges learning experiences.

Delphine Blin-Genin