AI in Hospitality: Challenges & Business Opportunities




4 Weeks

About the Course

This course will help you acquire the tools and know-how required to open the potential of AI and change the way your business operates. You will learn the various terminologies meanings and applications in diverse business areas such as Front Office, Customer Experience, Food & Beverage, Cost Optimisation, Sales & Marketing, Sustainability. You will also analyse how the unstoppable growth of AI can display diverse challenges to the world status quo, and you will examine what can be considered ethical or a threat to the privacy laws due to illegal practices.

If you are interested in gaining fundamental knowledge and skills to implement or heighten your current business by applying AI as a strong motivator to boost your sales and bottom line, we invite you to take this Online Certificate Program.

Your Instructor

Antoine Casanova-Maizet

Antoine Casanova-Mazet is a Lecturer at Hotel Institute Montreux and a digital entrepreneur. He studied both Science and Communication in Switzerland. This double background and his passion for innovation are the roots of his career in, first, communication and then digital transformation. Since 2010, Mr. Casanova-Mazet helps his agency’s clients adopt digital change through a 360° approach. He joined Swiss Education Group in October 2019 and is teaching hospitality students about management of technology and digital innovation.

Antoine Casanova-Maizet