Definition: Celebrity Tourism



Celebrity tourism is when celebrities are the main attraction. Tourists may request for a guided celebrity tourism destination or attraction. Generally, celebrities can be the main influence for tourist to decide on a particular destination. 

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Celebrity Destinations

Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, USA The succession of nightclubs where you can hang out with the rich and famous is like a sports league table, with trendy clubs knocking


MALAWI, AFRICA One of the most beautiful parts of Africa wasn't on anyone's tourist agenda until Madonna chose it as a place to adopt a child. It is a bit of a trek - through Johannesburg is the preferred route from Ireland - but if you have a little time check out the Kaya Mawa resort on Likomo Island, one of the most beautiful and romantic spots on the planet.

New Zealand

SOUTH ISLAND, NEW ZEALAND You can't actually market a celebrity from a fantasy tale, but it didn't stop the South Island after the success of Peter Jackson's 'The Lord of the Rings' trilogy around the world. At one stage "Welcome to Middle Earth" was plastered on the advertising boards at the airport.


VERONA, ITALY A beautiful riverside town that has become the oddest celebrity destination. They found a medieval balcony where they put a statue of Juliet and renamed it Casa di Giulietta. There is a church where Romeo was apparently buried that is thronged in high season. Couples come to the city of love seeking inspiration.


NEWCASTLE, ENGLAND Alnwick Castle: An amazing historic location, with one of the great underground dungeons, it is best known nowadays as the 'Harry Potter' castle where the quidditch scenes were filmed.


Hollywood, USA Celebrities from every list in the restaurants are here, and the hundreds of thousands of international and American tourists who come to admire names on the paving stones. Other localities have their opportunities for star spotting: West Hollywood can be as good as the real thing.